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Memory bears, recycling favorite items of clothing into adorable memory teddy bears

Memory teddies made from vintage fur clothing.

"Bailey" Memory bear unjointed and seated. 

This style of memory bear is 30cm tall seated. This bear is made from a selection of favorite baby clothes. . 

"Bailey" Memory bear unjointed and seated style.

This bear was made in memory of a lady who loved to do cross-stitch, so it is made from assorted scraps of Aida and linen fabric left over from her projects. I used a small cross stitched panel on the front of the bear. 

Memory bears from clothing all made up in "Bailey" pattern

Basic style memory bear​s.

These are unjointed floppy little bear, the blue ones are made from a fluffy robe and the white from a jumper.


This selection of memory bears I have made to order in "Darby" pattern, a larger seated teddy bear.


Smaller seated bears 


Recycled vintage fur teddybears.

These teddies are made from customers vintage fur garments which often passed down through the family.

The bears can be made in sizes from 5"( 12.7cm) up to 25" (63.5cm) in height. They are 5 way jointed They have suede or leather pads, glass eyes and leather noses, unless the customer prefers safety eyes and noses.

Here's a selection of smaller custom made fur teddies 

Memory bears made to order from your clothing or fur.

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