Custom made Teddy Bears & critters. Repairs undertaken of teddybears and other soft toys. 

Recycled vintage real fur teddies

Have your vintage fur garments turned into adorable teddy bears so you can enjoy and appreciate the fur again if it is no longer being worn. 

Heirloom teddies

Clothing of any type can be turned into keepsake teddy bears for the family to share the memories of a loved one.

Repairs of Teddies and other soft toys both old and not so old.

Old mohair Teddy bear Harvey was in need of repair and arrived with a badly damaged arm and plastic googly eyes.

This dressed teddy bear was looking a bit shabby and his stuffing was leaking out.

He was cleaned up and his damaged  arm was repaired with matching mohair and the plastic eyes replaced with glass eyes.

He was cleaned up and got some new clothes so he was soon looking smart again.