Memory bears. Custom made Teddy Bears & critters. Repairs undertaken of teddybears and other soft toys. 

Brigit is an award winning teddy bear artist with more than 20 years experience based in Perth, Western Australia. I have been creating lovable teddy bears since 1995 and have a range of services on offer.

  • Repairs of teddies and other soft toys, old and new.
  • Recycling real fur garments into teddy bears
  • Recycling your favorite item of clothing into teddies
  • Recycling other textiles such as embroidered doilies into teddies 
  • Patterns for teddies and other animals for sale.
  • Patterns specifically for recycling real fur into teddy bears

I was born and grew up in Denmark and have lived in Perth WA since 1982. The teddy bears have taken me around Australia doing shows and classes and overseas to Denmark, USA and UK as well.

I have been designing and selling patterns for bears and other animals since I started and have had my patterns published in many Teddy bear magazines.

I enjoy teaching bear making and run classes in Perth at the lovely teddy bear shop owned by Jennie Boylan 

"The Teddy Tree" , 226 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt. Hawthorn.

I  also enjoy recycling vintage fur and textiles into teddy bears and occasionally other critters. I do not condone killing animals for their fur, but I do think that, by making an old vintage fur garment into a teddy bear, it is getting a new life. This way it can bring joy to people and be appreciated by another generation, while honouring the animal, it once was.

If you enjoy making your own teddy bears and have some vintage fur,  you may like to turn into a teddy bear.  I have a range of patterns available and some are especially designed for making teddies from real vintage fur. The bear sizes range from 5 inches (12cm tall) up to 22 inches ( 52cm) tall. 

Please contact me for more information.

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