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Memory bears. Custom made Teddy Bears & critters. Repairs undertaken of teddybears and other soft toys. Vintage fur recycled into teddy bears. 

Memory bears made to order from your clothing or fur.

Photo Gallery

Ark Animals Ark Animals Elephant mother and baby Patterns are available for both elephants. Samburu is the name of the large elephant and the baby elephant is named Ely 193281904 Ely a baby elephant Baby elephant, pattern available 193281905 Elephant Front view of elephant made in velvet fabric with a leather look imprint. Pattern available 193281906 Mother elephant Elephant with two babies 193281907 Giraffe Giraffe in cream velvet fabric with alpaca mane and hand painted markings 193282317 Giraffe Giraffe made in velvet with hand painted markings 193282318 Meerkats in the garden These meerkats are made in mohair, they are five-way jointed with glass eyes, suede ears and embroidered noses. They have have leather claws and hand-painted markings. The pattern for meerkats is available and the size is 7.5inches - 20cm tall standing. 193746723 Meerkats two sizes 193746724